VDA Group

We are an Italian group specialising in the development and realisation of advanced solutions for integrated Room Management and Interactive Television systems, in the main for the international hospitality industry (hotels, cruise ships, and care and respite homes). With more than 250,000 rooms active in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels, for more than 40 years we have been working with leading international hotel brands, confirming our position as a technical partner for tailor-made solutions created to improve the guest experience.

The distinguishing features of the Group that contribute to consolidating its leading position in the market, are its technological expertise and system flexibility, coupled with its 100% Italian design, its originality, and its care. VDA always designs and develops all key components and software in-house, and provides all necessary national and international certifications, offering the best technical solutions structured and tailored to the client’s requirements.

As well as providing technical support for room management, improving both comfort and energy efficiency, VDA offers a wide range of high value-added services to guests. We support our clients with our experience and discretion, to make their particular offer distinctive and their offer to their guests a unique and memorable experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify and improve the concept of Room Automation offering know-how, design innovation and creation of integrated solutions to assure reliability together with full support.

Our Vision

VDA aims to be the benchmark group in the Hospitality sector, putting innovatively designed advanced technological solutions at the service of its clients.

Our story

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VDA launches Duetto, the highly original boxless solution developed for specific areas where less cabling is required.

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Today – After opening its doors to new management, the newly structured VDA is ready to take on the new challenges of an increasingly complex market. Present in more than 25 countries from Europe to the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and with installations in over 3,000 hotels, VDA confirms its leading position in the hospitality sector.

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VDA welcomes a new financial partner to support its investments to take on the challenges of an increasingly complex global market.

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VDA launches EnterPlease, the new access control technology that through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology and an app for iOS and Android, makes access to rooms and communal areas possible through the use of your smartphone.

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For the luxurious MGM Cotai in Macau (China) VDA realises the first installation based on IoT wireless technology managed via the Cloud.

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VDA develops the ONAIR in-room entertainment platform, the new interactive TV system based on Cloud technology.

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Connected Room: VDA Interactive TV is presented to the market in its new IPTV guise to connect to the outside world and continue dialogue with all the Room Control functions.

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Vitrum is the new smart device applying tactile and multi-sensorial technology to a new aesthetic in sculpted glass.

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 The VDA Group consolidates its markets and its reputation, growing in terms of both turnover and staff numbers.

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VDA successfully expands its business overseas, winning important contracts from prestigious groups in the international hospitality sector, opening offices in the UK, Middle East and Pacific Asia region.

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VDA launches Micromaster, the new room control and automation system.

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Micromaster – VDA launches Micromaster, the new room control and automation system.

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VDA launches Interactive TV services – for the launch of its Interactive TV services: VDA designs both hardware and software to give a new interactive guise to its infotainment and hotel guest comfort service.

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VDA opens up to the next generation that begins work on creating demand, grasping and anticipating the unexpressed needs and demands of a growing market.

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Hotel Master: the first Smart Room prototype developed by VDA to meet the demand for guest comfort and optimised hotel management.

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VDE Elettronica is established – VDE Elettronica is dedicated to designing high tech electronic components and systems. Confident of his experience, over these years Ilario Vuan began focusing his attention on developing, producing and marketing innovative products destined for a pioneering niche market, namely Building Automation and Room Management Systems for the hotel industry.

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Fabris is established in Pordenone – Illario Vuan and his wife Alba Fabris found the Fabris Company in Pordenone.