Project Description

San Barbato Resort, Spa & Golf

The 5-star San Barbato Resort, Spa & Golf has been designed with every detail in mind. From the use of space, to the range of services on offer, for a truly multi-sensory experience. The large floor-to-ceiling windows that characterise many of the Resort areas offer a panoramic view of the beautiful natural surroundings.


VDA for San Barbato Spa & Golf Resort

The VDA technology supports the requests of the hotel management, offering customised solutions. At check-in, the guests are given a badge to access their room and then may proceed with the registration of their devices and mobile phones.

Using their booking code, customers can also check-in via the VDA Enter Please APP.

Guests can use the Vitrum panels with BLUE LED lighting to control the room temperature, manage the floor heating and activate the electric towel rail in the bathroom. Vitrum allows the guest to manage the functions of lights and dimmers too.

VDA Micromaster Blazar is a multi-purpose tool for managing hotel staff, security, and customer services. Different types of keys allow the hotel manager to monitor the presence of people, determining their position and so easing the staff operations.

Micromaster supports the hotel in terms of safety, providing a record of entrances and exits from the hotel room and notifying of any doors not properly closed. The smart system also monitors the opening of windows which, if left open, will automatically cause the air conditioning to switch off.

The Resort is equipped with the VDA’s ON AIR TV system for the hospitality industry. This system is based on CLOUD technology and allows control via any device, offering the hotel the possibility of promoting exclusive packages to guests. The system includes the Power Concierge VDA application that allows the sending of confirmation e-mails to guests due to visit in the future, in their own language, allowing them to download the On Air APP, so allowing the hotel to manage their guests before, during, and after their hotel experience.

The automatic check-in and perfect integration with the PMS software allow the TV sets in the room to automatically select the guest’s language, organising the channel list according to their country of origin. The channels are distributed via CAT6 network cable or fibre and the hotel manager can create a list of channels of his/her own choice between digital and satellite, with the possibility of modifying the TV for specific needs.


The system includes a wi-fi module with a perfect connection within 5 meters and a PowerPlay function that allows the guests to view most of the documents on their devices, without connecting any cables. The TV is controlled via APP ON AIR on any device or via remote radio control.

Project Details


Products installed





Access management, BLE technology

Web check-in, BLE device and VDA mobile App

Presence management

Lighting management

Interactive TV