Micromaster is the distributed intelligence, integrated Room Management system developed by VDA for the Hospitality sector, designed to manage access, climate and lighting. Micromaster’s strong points are energy saving, easy and efficient system control, and absolute guest comfort, both in the bedrooms and communal areas.

A supervision control unit with powerful software and a user-friendly graphic interface makes it possible to communicate with all other control units installed, to control status, processes, functions, settings, and alarms, throughout the entire system.

The peripheral units are connected to the supervision unit by a simple bus cable or via ethernet gateway (IP protocol).

Access Control

Micromaster permits access control by radio frequency using either RFID or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology.

The most widespread configuration uses a TAG RFID key card reader (transponder). When a guest approaches with their key card, the reader verifies the code against the data in the room control unit. The door opens through an electrical contact. This system can also be used in communal areas.

BLE technology allows guests to use their smartphones to open the door, rather than using a transponder key. VDA has developed a specific app that can be downloaded from itunes/Apple or Google Store, which enables this function on their device.

Climate Control

With over 20 years of experience, the Micromaster system has been used to control every kind of climate control system present on the market.

For radiators, fancoils, splitters, VRV systems, radiant or mixed systems, every control algorithm has already been written, tested and installed. The CON4 Vitrum control panel lets guests interact intuitively with the system, to change fan speeds and set-points, switch off the machine, or set an energy saving regime.

If splitters that cannot be connected to a BUS system are used for room climate control, VDA can manage these via infrared commands that simulate the functions of the remote control.

Lighting Control

Thanks to constant research and development, VDA now fields a vast range of add-ons that allow the main control unit to communicate with every type of lighting appliance available on the market.

Smart Switches

The technological solutions offered by the Micromaster and BIGmaster systems include a range of beautifully designed smart devices
from the Vitrum, Duetto, and Classic collections.

Vitrum is the line of Smart Devices designed in collaboration with architect and designer Marco Piva, using innovative methods and materials. Use of an innovative as much as ancient material such as glass makes for a stimulating tactile perception and high profile sensorial impact.

Light, essential lines, luminosity and harmony, transform simple switches into items of design with an absolutely unique aesthetic and functional identity. Vitrum offers an advanced, intuitive experience, and its great versatility makes domotics simple and accessible to all.  The design is exceptionally versatile and can be personalised with different colours, icons and screen prints.


Vitrum’s many applications allow for integrated management of a range of devices in a building, assuring maximum logic and simplicity of use.

– Door key card reader with hotel’s logo

– Chromotherapy control panel

– Door panel with room number

– Alarm indicator panel

– Multifunction panel with lights and sockets

– Multifunction presence and temperature control panel

– Doorbell button with DND indicator

Duetto is VDA’s peripheral, quick to install whilst being able to drastically reduce cabling and masonry work’s costs. This highly customisable Boxless solution is ideal for specific projects such as renovations, retrofits, virtual hotels, camp sites, and mobile homes.

In the IP65 version, Duetto Outdoor is the perfect Access Control system for external entrances or particularly damp areas.

General features

– Climate and Services Control

– Customisable look

– Temperature and room functions activation control

– White alphanumerical screen

– Pocket for RFID Key with backlit guide (RGB)

– Built-in temperature and humidity sensors

– Backlit Hotel Logo (RGB)

Access Control

– Customisable appearance

– Backlit Room number (RGB)

– Smart RFID Key reader

– Available in IP65 version

– Able to integrate with Add-On BLE for door opening with smart phone

– Room functions feedback and doorbell button

VDA’s Classic series is realised in polycarbonate and can easily be fitted with glass plaques for a truly modern look.

The classic series is available in standard (black and white) optional (grey, silver and VDA palette) and also custom colours. Classic’s technical compatibility with Vitrum means it is possible to mix the systems, or us the compatibility to allow gradual upgrades.