Vitrum is a switch that is 100% designed and made in Italy. Vitrum brings innovation into your home thanks to its advanced design. With a simple i-pad application, you may control not only the lighting, but also electrical devices, for free. Vitrum, thanks to its wireless technological system, defines a new era for Home Smart Control systems.

The only sculptured glass in the world.
A revolutionary concept with incredible detail. Vitrum transforms the routine into a new stylish experience. An homogeneous surface that hosts different shapes together giving a strong impact to your senses: no click, no movement.
The absence of sharp corners makes the panel more precious. The use of chromium plating integrates the physical and visual qualities of the glass to obtain a unique, balanced and complete product.

Think of three simple, and yet harmonious things: a circle of light, a glass surface, your hand.
Now, bring them together.
The circle and the square: two simple and regular shapes.
A flat surface, an elegant and personal styling.
A concave lit point that naturally attracts the eye and the hand.
So Vitrum transforms an ordinary action into magic.

There is a material that is a treasure of versatility. A material that is both strong and light, transparent and sparkling, and exciting and functional all at the same time. Old and technological. This material is glass. Glass. It is not only an element in space, it is a new way to give a shape the space, legibility and clearness. Its expressive potential is in its interior design history, from ancient Egypt to new Manhattan. Natural and recyclable, it brings together the aesthetics with environmental care. This is why we chose glass as the protagonist of the collection.

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