Micromaster is a smart room management system specifically developed for hospitality, but also adaptable to other kinds of buildings. The primary goal is energy saving, together with an easy and efficient management of the whole system, without disturbing the guest’s comfort within the bedrooms and common areas.


A central supervision PC, with a powerful software and an easy to use graphic interface, allows the control of all of the processes, functions, features, status and alarms for the entire system.


The Micromaster smart brains have an internal memory that allows them to maintain the room configuration even without connection with the central server. So, in case of faults on the central PC, or on the bus network, each local brain of each area (bedrooms, common area, back of office, etc.) will still work autonomously.


The room brains who control each single area communicate with each other through the central PC using a simple bus cable (pair biased) or IP Ethernet network with gateway.


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