Light Control.

Nowadays lights are an important part of the internal design, and the lighting systems are in continuous development. Every year a new LED type/protocol enters into the market, as well as low energy consumption bulbs, all requiring a particular type of lighting control.

Smart Switch 1 EU

Smart Switch 2 EU

Smart Switch 3 EU

Smart Switch 4 EU

Smart Switch 6 EU

For this reason VDA Elettronica developed a large range of expansions, to integrate into the main room brain, to allow the control of any specific lamp selected by the architect or designer, assuring the maximum coverage of the market offer.

Smart Switch 1 BS

Smart Switch 2 BS

Smart Switch 4 BS

The Vitrum Smart switches are mostly used to control lights and light scenarios in the rooms, but are also used for the motorisation of blinds, curtains and any other electrical or motorized item. The Chromotherapy switch is a great example of the union between ergonomics and technology.


EXPANSION 4I4O (Solid – Triac)

4 digital output with solid state relay

Used to manage capacitive loads and fluorescent lamps

Maximum load current: 2,2A @ 230V~ 60° C

Maximum load current: 40mA a 230V~

Maximum inrush current (16,6mS ApK 130A)

Minimum power factor at maximum load: 0.5

4 opto isolated input optoisolati

2 RJ11 connectors (4P/4C) (Bus + power supply)

Weight 140gr

Dimensions: 90 (H) x 70 (W) x 58 (D) mm


DIMMER 4 ch x 200 W

4 digital output with solid state relay

4 channels Dimmer, works in mode

Trailing edge for resistive and capacitive loads

Leading edge for inductive loads

Rated voltage: 230V ~

Applicable loads: 20 to 200W per channel

Electrical protection to d.c. and Temperature + Fuse

You can connect up to 5 units (addressable via dip switch)

Power via ModBus connector (4P/4C) 4 cables

Weight: 215 gr

Dimensions: 105 (H) x 90 (W) x 58 (D) mm



4 digital output with solid state relay

ModBus converter to DALI or DMX or Ethernet/DMX

Power supply via Micromaster: from 10 to 14 Vdc via ModBus connectors (4P/4C) or via additional power from 9 to 18 Vdc

“ModBus” Communication Bus: 38.4 bps: Ethernet 10/100 Mbit

Weight: 120 grammi



4 digital output with solid state relay

Control via Bus or Buttons

4 channel output module for LED control

Functions to control as dimmer or fading

Power supply: from 12 to 48 Vdc

Maximum current: 5 A

Outputs: 4 R-G-B-W, 1 Connector for Bus ModBus input

Open-circuit protection, in short, and overtemperature


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