Climate Control.

VDA can manage any kind of air conditioning system . The client can be completely free to change the temperature settings, but we can also set the system to work within precise temperature settings. The eco mode pre-set by VDA is not only a comfort setting for the hotel guest, but also a green setting that saves energy .

Temperature Control

Timer ON / OFF.

Display Temperature: C= measured / T= test.

Selection of Cool Speed: Manual= V1, V2, V3.
Select the speed according to the distance from T.

Climate ON / OFF.

Temperature Set point adjustment:
turn clockwise to get temperature increase (+);
turn anticlockwise for temperature decrease (-);
press directly on the (+) or (-)
for the desired value.

Hydraulic System.

It uses the hot or cold water to warm or cool the air in an area. The 2 pipe system can run only hot or cool water at the same time, and needs a seasonal switch of the valves to allow the cooling or heating.

The 4 pipe system also allows the management of combined seasons, being able to cool and heat at the same time.


1 – Radiator
2 – 2 pipe On-Off Fan Coil valves
3 – 4 pipe On-Off Fan Coil valves
4 – 0-10 V Fancoil
5 – 2 pipe On-Off Fan Coil valves 0-10 V
6 – 4 pipe On-Off Fan Coil valves 0-10 V
7 – Mixed system Radiator + FCU

VRV System.

The Micromaster system has already been installed in hundreds of Hotels with various VRV or VRF systems.

The VRV-VRF systems are gas expansion systems, with variable refrigerant volumes.

The VRV linear system adopts a type of variable PI (proportional, integral) control that uses the pressure sensors of the refrigerator to give a better control of the Inverter and ON/OFF control compressor. The logic behind it is based on smaller control steps, to guarantee smaller steps of control, to manage precisely both small and big areas. This translates into a high comfort level, and a low energy consumption.

Radiant system.

The radiant systems use radiant panels to heat or cool a space during the different seasons. The system is made up of coils of pipes, usually in plastic, but also in other materials such as copper, and can be installed underfloor, on the ceiling or, sometimes, on the walls.

If the system is used for both cooling and heating it needs an humidity sensor that, combined with the temperature sensor, allows the calculation of the dew point, and activates accordingly the system’s action to avoid condensation and dripping.


T°+U° ModBus sensor by VDA

Splitter System.

In some cases the air conditioning system is made with domestic splitters that cannot be connected with a BUS system.

Those are the regular domestic ac systems, frequently with a heat pump, that can heat and cool.

VDA usually manages these systems thanks to an infrared command simulating the remote control’s functions.


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