RSA Mestre Care Home.

Residenza Venezia, a new and modern structure of the French Orpea group, is located inside a large green area in the Marghera area.
The project, designed to guarantee optimal solar exposure, is designed to limit the visual impact and reduce the environmental impact of the building.

The MICROMASTER control system, installed on two levels of the 4 areas which compose the building, allows a better management of energy resources thanks to an efficient control of the air conditioning, the lights and curtains of the rooms, and the common areas.

MICROMASTER meets the specific needs of the structure to manage the alarms.
With its access control and key validation system, MICROMASTER simplifies and optimizes the management of such a complex structure.
The program in fact allows not only to monitor accesses in the common areas but also to enable those for authorized personnel in restricted areas.

MICROMASTER interfaces with the BMS for the supervision of the thermal power plant and with IBLE for the management of the signage panels.