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1980 - VDA ELETTRONICA VDA Elettronica was established in 1980, named VDE. It was a group of specialists involved in technological developments across various sectors, from the construction industry to the industrial industry. The company's identity and mission over the years progressively focused on the specific sector of building management systems for hospitality, developing and producing hardware and software for the Room Management System market.


1990 - MICROMASTER: Room Management System . Micromaster is the room management system from VDA Elettronica. It was officially created in 1997 with precise objectives: - to integrate a unique room system, to include all the electrical and mechanical features of the room, to give the guest comfort and user-friendly technology; - to improve the internal management by the hotel staff, thanks to an easy-to-use supervision software that provides all information on room status, room access and room climate; - to simplify the cabling, installation and maintenance of the systems.

2000 - BMS: Building Management System From the end of the last century, VDA Elettronica expanded into a new market, the BMS (Building Management System) sector. So the room automation of the hotel expanded from the bedroom to the entire building, to guarantee a better use and management of all the areas and technological features available within the building. Over the years, VDA Elettronica has been providing a more and more complete package, thanks to a team of specialists that from 2003 have been analysing and resolving the issues surrounding the BMS system, giving the Client total automation of the building.

2010 - VITRUM: The Glass Collection From the beginning of the new century the room automation market arrived to a saturation level regarding competition. You would see thousands of thermostats, switches, and room panels of many different types, frequently made out of plastic, which were both complex and difficult to use. VDA Elettronica had the intuition that allowed it to become the leader in the market, combining design with the technological development of our devices. VDA Elettronica in its new product collection focused on glass. A material little used at the time within the sector, combining it with the LED technology through capacitive buttons using simple shapes such as circles and squares, whilst adding innovative features such as acoustic feedback and a flat touch surface. The new product developed was called VItrum, a new elegant range from the VDA Elettronica technology. A tuxedo within the Micromaster system.


TODAY Building Automation involves more and more aspects of the building, extending to different hotel features, that were previously only used in luxury 5 star hotels, for example using lighting features to decorate the bedrooms, the public areas, and also external walls. To satisfy this new market VDA Elettronica extended the Vitrum range through our Smart Switches, using Smart panels for lighting, and access and temperature control. The switches were developed using the Vitrum aesthetics, and perfectly integrate with the Micromaster technology. Today VDA Elettronica redeveloped the entire Vitrum Smart Switch collection to bring it into the residential market, making them independent from the Micromaster system. The continuous process of development, innovation, implementation and optimisation transformed this family business into an important group that now enjoys leadership within the Room Management System world for hospitality.

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