January 2022

New collaboration in the Intelligent Automation Industry: market leader VDA Group acquires 53% of US-based Telkonet


An important step in the creation of a Group that places people at the center of smart technology evolution in the world of Hospitality. Pordenone, Italy – VDA Group, an Italian multinational operating in the field of Guest Room Management Systems (GRMS) designed for the Hospitality industry, has acquired 53% of the shares of Telkonet, Inc., a US-based company listed on the OTC market and operating in the field of Energy Management Systems (EMS). The new Group - with 7,000 properties and 2,450,000 products installed in facilities located in the United States, Europe, Middle East, and Asia - stands as the largest global player in a market currently without leadership, to define the future of the industry by emphasizing the value of People in the development of technologies aimed at comfort and energy savings. Expansion and dimensional growth, synergy in technology and market, and an opportunity to be a unique proxy for Hotel chains. These are the objectives of the newly formed Group that sees the possibility of being a solution provider, the global reference point of IoT technologies applied to the world of Hospitality. The software and hardware proficiencies, technologies based on cloud, the ability to adapt to [...]

New collaboration in the Intelligent Automation Industry: market leader VDA Group acquires 53% of US-based Telkonet2022-01-13T10:37:08+01:00

What has been the 5 transformations of the Hotel world in 2021?


According to VDA Group, the difficult pandemic situation in the last 2 years has led Hotels around the world to invest increasingly in technological developments and the adoption of IoT solutions. There are many epochal transformations that the pandemic has induced in 2021. On the one hand, the choice of cutting-edge technologies that allow both guests and Hotel operators to enjoy the advantages of the Smart Room (mobile check-in, Interactive TV to dialogue with the reception and to promote the services of the Hotel); on the other hand, the choice to aim at customization to retain the guest and increase the value of their stay.   This race towards the adoption of more functional and profitable measures is the consequence of 5 important changes that have been established in the last year, leading to a real evolution in the vision of the functioning systems of accommodation and, in general, in the future of Hospitality. 1. Leadership takes on a new vision Younger teams encourage interest in the latest technologies and understand the real benefits of a long-term investment. This technological enthusiasm is an essential factor in the constitution of the new leadership, which presents itself with fewer [...]

What has been the 5 transformations of the Hotel world in 2021?2022-01-18T12:48:39+01:00

September 2021

VDA Group and Trilux Partnership


The VDA Group - Trilux partnership to provide an enhanced guest experience to the global market Dubai, 19th September 2021 – VDA Group, a 40-year-old Italian manufacturer specialising in the development of advanced solutions for integrated Room Management and Interactive Television systems, for the international hospitality industry, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with TRILUX Simplify Your Light, presenting the most simple and reliable path to customized, energy-efficient, and sustainable lighting solutions globally. “VDA Group with its strong presence and focus into the hospitality market, with over 3000+ hotels and 300,000 keys as an installed base, and Trilux with a compelling reach and penetration across the Middle East - ASEAN region with a strong partner distribution structure, paves a perfect symbiotic relationship with VDA to cater together towards the hospitality market”, says Anoop Paul the CSO of VDA Group MEA. The VDA Group - Trilux partnership creates a unique synergy, which compliments the go-to-market strategy of both groups by virtue of a unified approach. When Lighting and the Guest Room Management System is offered as a combined proposition, it creates a fundamental dynamism that enhances and uplifts the guest experience. "TRILUX has with VDA Group the distinguished proposition [...]

VDA Group and Trilux Partnership2021-12-03T15:56:51+01:00

August 2021

Telkonet signs Stock Purchase Agreement with VDA Group


Strategic Transaction Will Expand Companies’ Reach and Create Opportunity for Global Leadership in Intelligent Automation, Occupancy-based Energy Management and Iot Technology through a Collective World-wide Presence Pordenone, 9th of August  – Telkonet, Inc. (OTCQB: TKOI) (“Telkonet”) and VDA Group S.p.A. ("VDA") today announced that they have entered into a Stock Purchase Agreement under which VDA will contribute $5 million to Telkonet (the “Financing”) in exchange for a majority of shares of common stock of Telkonet and a warrant to purchase additional shares of common stock. Under the terms of the agreement, the majority of the existing Telkonet board of directors will resign and the resulting vacancies will be filled by individuals designated by VDA to participate in the leadership of the new joint enterprise. The Financing will allow Telkonet and VDA to create a strategic dynamic that will allow each company to enhance their market position and will provide both companies with an opportunity to leverage the respective strengths of their businesses in the areas of Intelligent Automation, occupancy-based energy management and Iot technology services (“IOT”) for global markets in specific sectors, including hospitality, military housing, student housing, multi-family housing and assisted living. The companies’ respective teams, skills and [...]

Telkonet signs Stock Purchase Agreement with VDA Group2021-11-08T09:59:58+01:00

Results, quality and future: the last Management Meeting of VDA Group


The last Management Meeting of VDA Group took place in the wonderful Secret Gardens of Villa Marcello Marinelli, in order to share a new moment in the open air and to look to the Group's near future. On July 29 the Management Meeting finally took place in person, after we had been meeting on Zoom for over a year. Given the occasion, we wanted to make it special not only to share the achievements of the first semester of 2021, but also to create a moment in which the Managers and the different departments could exchange views regarding the processes and the cultural and organizational evolution taking place lately, while also looking at the future and the future developments awaiting for us. We chose a special location that could welcome and allow us to be outside to spend time together without the division posed by monitors and masks, embodying our company values and allowing us to reduce the distance that often, when physical, can correspond to a mental one. The Giardini Segreti di Villa Marcello Marinelli, located in Cison di Valmarino, have made all this possible, allowing us to be in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, [...]

Results, quality and future: the last Management Meeting of VDA Group2021-08-03T13:51:08+02:00

July 2021

VDA Casting, the new VDA Group service for in-room entertainment


The In-Room Entertainment solution, launched in collaboration with Nomadix, allows the use of content by the guest directly on the hotel TV, without the requirement of logging in. July 2021 - VDA Group launches VDA Casting, the new TV entertainment service in collaboration with Nomadix - a VDA partner for over a decade - linked to in-room entertainment, which allows guests of accommodation facilities to view their contents on the TV in their room OTT (Over The Top) multimedia without having to enter their credentials on the Hotel platform. With VDA Casting, guests can access their Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Hulu, Disney +, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube accounts from their device, without being limited to the hotel offer, and continue to use their device without interruption. The world hospitality market has been in full revolution for many years. The centrality of the guest in the travel experience and the room as a destination rather than a place of transit are the two main challenges for hotels which, to be competitive, must offer diversified and cutting-edge services. According to some studies by Inter-Digital and Future Source, on vacation more and more guests want to access personal content and for about 50% of [...]

VDA Casting, the new VDA Group service for in-room entertainment2021-07-12T11:32:15+02:00

VDA Group looks to the future with the VDA Next project


VDA Next is a project that aims to accompany and guide VDA and its Group towards the future, improving business processes and developing new awareness and skills within the organization. We started this journey about a year ago with two main steps. The first involved the company’s management to defining future scenarios and projects to be implemented in the medium term. The second, involved a review of processes and tools to facilitate delivery and innovation for and by all entities involved in the product development process. For the Team Building and Team Coaching activities we have chosen Rugby as a metaphor, an inclusive sport in which the role and unique skills of the individual are functional, if placed at the service of the entire team. Looking back, to understand where your teammates are, and moving forward to reach the goal highlights the importance of working on yourself and your mindset. Discipline and training, humility and respect, these are the rituals that strengthen authentic bonds. VDA Next, two days of Team Building and Team Coaching Dedicated to the Sales Italy Area and organized in collaboration with Lucia Ziliotto, the training event took place at the Secret Gardens of Villa Marcello Marinelli [...]

VDA Group looks to the future with the VDA Next project2021-07-09T10:56:42+02:00

May 2021

Room automation is now cloud based. Etheos, the IoT ready room management system


ROOM AUTOMATION IS NOW CLOUD BASED. ETHEOS, THE IOT READY ROOM MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CHANGES THE DAILY LIFE OF HOTELIERS AND GUESTS The new cloud-based platform to manage hotels in an integrated way, guaranteeing energy saving and cost control. Dubai, 24th May 2021 – Connected, optimized, and safe hotel management. This is the promise of VDA Group – an Italian company operating within the Hospitality Industry, providing Room Management Systems. With offices in Europe, Middle East, and Asia - VDA meets the increasingly complex needs of the hotel market, by launching a revolutionary room management system. Etheos allows the centralized management of all the devices in the room and simplifies the work of the hotelier, who can now manage the structure remotely and with any device connected to the network. People-centric Hospitality summarizes for us this cultural renewal that is rewriting the concept of Hospitality. “Once upon a time, comfortable and functional rooms were enough to fulfill a guest’s needs, but today, people need to live the hotel experience in a safe, conscious, and immersive way” says VDA Group CEO Piercarlo Gramaglia. “The biggest challenge now is to unite the forces of all the actors involved to implement an epochal change that [...]

Room automation is now cloud based. Etheos, the IoT ready room management system2021-05-24T10:36:55+02:00

April 2021

The new Hotel of the Future paradigm


FROM PORDENONE TO DUBAI, VDA GATHERED THE BEST OF THE HOSPITALITY SECTOR AND LAID THE FOUNDATION OF THE NEW HOTEL OF THE FUTURE PARADIGM. Pordenone 23rd April – “L’ALBERGO DEL FUTURO”, the event that took place during the Earth Day 2021, organised by Teamwork Hospitality Network and the Italian corporation VDA Group, both leaders in the hospitality market, has brought together some of the most important figures of the national and international hospitality sector from Pordenone to Dubai. Mauro Santinato and Nicola Del Vecchio of Teamwork group have retraced the story of the Hospitality market in the last 50 years and William Feltrin, VDA Group’s Product Marketing Manager, has shown the new paradigm of the future of this market: the People-centric Hospitality principle. VDA also announced the launch of Etheos, the new cloud-based Room Management System solution that brings together hotelier and guest, making hotel management easier than ever. The cloud-based technology guarantees flexible and integrated IOT benefits for the hotel and guest alike. Etheos is the answer to a growing demand and to 4 crucial pillars of innovation: Sustainability, Security and Accessibility, Immersive Experience, Beauty, and Harmony. A hotel that best represents this concept is Habita 79 of [...]

The new Hotel of the Future paradigm2021-04-26T10:52:47+02:00

March 2021

The new release for VDA Group’s VITRUM Collection – the temperature control panel with built-in PIR motion sensor (in British Standard)


The VITRUM collection is now enriched with a brand new element, namely a temperature control panel with built-in PIR motion sensor, which together with the signal provided by the door contact, allows the management of presence in the guest room, and with it, the control of those most energy-consuming in-room units. This new device, which is backwards compatible with the legacy VITRUM thermostats, enriches the Guest experience, now able to enjoy welcome scenarios simply by entering the room and without having to insert a key in a traditional card holder. When the guest exits the room, the motion sensor will detect his or her absence, and the room will return to energy saving mode. The ideal solution for those who wish to adopt EnterPlease, the VDA smartphone access control platform.

The new release for VDA Group’s VITRUM Collection – the temperature control panel with built-in PIR motion sensor (in British Standard)2021-06-28T11:35:38+02:00
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