Bigmaster is a Cloud based system that combines the experience gained in the field of room automation, with some of the latest developments in the technology already used in our ONAIR Interactive TV platform, previously impossible or too costly to implement.

The Cloud

Creating and configuring the system is easy with the tools available on the cloud, even if the physical installation is still to do or in progress.

It is also possible to update and manage all smart devices installed, and reconfigure them with different, or even new functions, without the need to be physically present in the hotel, or to have a dedicated connection with the building.

Clients with several properties can also manage their building by accessing a single dedicated multi-platform interface (tablet, smartphone, or computer) that assures total control of all installed devices.

The mobile App

With the mobile App installers do not have to be skilled technicians to install and incorporate smart devices within the room mesh network.

Smart devices

The peripherals, which control lights, fancoils, valves, sensors, shutters, etc., are easy to configure, and in wireless version are the ideal solution for situations where cable laying is either impossible or simply too costly.

Smart Switches

The technological solutions offered by the Micromaster and BIGmaster systems include a range of beautifully designed smart devices
from the Vitrum, Axia, Duetto, and Classic collections.